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    Elight (IPL +RF) treatment FAQ:

         1. What is the difference between E-light and Intense Pulse Light ?






      The skin absorbs the light energy selectively

      The skin resists the light energy differently


      1 ) No effect on the light color hair 
      2 ) The epidermis absorbs the light energy. The risk is great for the dark skin. The depth of penetrating is no more than 4mm . 
      3 ) Only 30%-40% of energy is absorbed, while the other is returned back and refracted .

      1 ) Suitable for treating all kinds of color including the organization that with little difference from the color of the skin. 
      2 ) The energy goes directly into the deep-layer of the skin on the conditions of pre-cooling. The pigment at the epidermis does not absorb the energy, so that the energy can act on the dark skin safely. 
      3 ) 15mmInto 15mm under epidermis maximally 
      4 ) The light energy mainly act on adjusting the resisting figure to avoid the echo and refraction of the energy. 
      5 ) All advantages of the treating effect of the light energy are included.



    • 2.Why can the E-light treat the light and fine hair?

         The Intense Pulse Light equipment can treat the black hair greatly, but the light and fine hair is still a big problem. For example, the hair on the lips, for the IPL equipment before can only output the intense pulse light, which acts on the hair body. The hair body absorbs the light energy, the heat energy from which is transmitted to destroy the hair follicle. If the hair body is fine and the color is light, the energy absorbed is not enough to destroy the hair follicle. The wrinkle removal system, on the basic of E-light, gives out intense pulse light, at the same time, acts on the hair follicle directly by the radio frequency, which can go deeply 4-15mm under epidermis. In this case, the effects on the fine, light-colored, gold and white hair are distinguished.

          I have already completed a period of treatment of E-LIGHT skin rejuvenation and I got a good effect and my skin become whitening and the wrinkles become lighter. Now what I am worried is how to maintain the victorious outcome, prevention rebound?

         After accept E-LIGHT therapy, skin problems can be properly improved, but the aging process in skin will not be stopped, so E-LIGHT treatment and can not be done once and for all. Sunscreen and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important measure to prevent skin aging; otherwise maintain a balanced nutritional intake and to keep the skin clean and maintenance will also help your skin healthier Bright and will enable the E-LIGHT maintain longer therapeutic effect.



    • 3.I have many samll wrinkles around my eyes and mounth,and some relaxation of facial skin,could i achieve the desires results through E-light therapy?

    •    People have wrinkles and skin relaxation is due to the collagen fibers in the skin, gradually loss with the growth of age. E-LIGHT heating the collagen through stimulate of laser and radio frequency energy, activate the promotion of new collagen fibers of collagen regeneration, so as to achieve the tightening of the skin. At the same time the wrinkles will gradually become lighter and at the end, disappeared.



     4.Does it safe with the E-light treatment 

    •    The treatment is very safe for the skin. E-light technology has a lot of advantages makes it the safest way for all the skin colors. And the effect of E-light is two times of the traditional photon treatment, it was widely used in skin care with no danger at all.


    • 5.Who are fit for the E-light treatment?

         The treatment is fit for people who want to remove the effect caused by sunshine and age such as pigment, telangiectasis, rough skin etc. Skin rejuvenation includes face, neck, shoulder, hands, arms and other parts.



      6.Does the E-light treatment hurt Or cause bounce?

         During the treatment you may feel short-lived fever or tingling, this feeling will last only a few seconds, no one uses any anesthetics in the treatment until now. The bounce of E-light treatment does not exist, because it is mainly adjusted the skin into a healthy stage, but could not prevent the normal aging of the skin structure. So after the E-light treatment, the skin still needs routine maintenance to delay skin aging.

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