Re upgrading of beauty industry

  • The intelligent wave of beauty industry is developing and optimizing with the demand of consumers, but if we ignore the attention to the essence of the product, it will fall into the awkward embarrassment.


    People never seem to stop pursuing beauty in the past, from "window to cloud side, to mirror to yellow" to "lazy to draw eyebrows, and to make up for dressing up late". Under the escort of modern science and technology, the beauty industry is also rising a trend of intelligent revolution. From virtual trial makeup to unsold sale, from skin testing instrument to ultraviolet sensing paste, huge market space, geometric growth speed, and continuously upgraded consumption structure have brought new opportunities for the whole industry. Although many groups or brands have gone on the journey of intellectualization, the era of rapid development seems to have just begun for the domestic beauty industry.


    Market prospects are available


    Consumption upgrades promote new trends


    The news that L'OREAL group, the beauty giant, announced the acquisition of all shares of Canadian beauty and digital medical suppliers Modiface has once again set off a round of debate in the industry. It is reported that after the completion of the acquisition, Modiface will be subordinate to the L'OREAL's digital services development and design department, to support the reshaping of beauty and beauty experience around innovative services to promote the new phase of the group's entry into the digital growth plan.


    The reporter found that Modiface was a company established in Toronto and devoted to the development of beauty industry to enhance reality and artificial intelligence. It has a strong reputation and influence in the industry with innovative technology in the frontier. It has not only introduced a variety of skin tests and virtual makeup products, but also had been successfully used in the industry. Estee Lauder, Unilever and many other well-known brands or retailers have reached cooperation.


    Lubomira Rochet, L'OREAL's chief digital officer, said that digital technology is completely reshaping the beauty industry, with new technologies that will bring huge competitive advantages, and a more powerful digital network with digital technology partners is the top priority of L'OREAL. Standard.


    It is not hard to see that the acquisition accelerated the pace of L'OREAL group in building digital experience and technological innovation. In recent years, the continuous development of science and technology has made the original unreachable intellectualization step into the public field of vision, and in the beauty industry, it not only brings real scene experience and fast buying way for consumers, but also provides powerful help for brand upgrading and deepening interaction.


    The reason why intellectualization is very popular in the beauty industry is inseparable from the fast developing market prospect. According to the data issued by the National Bureau of statistics, the total retail sales of consumer goods in 2018 were 61082 billion yuan, up 9.7%, of which the total retail sales of cosmetics amounted to 42 billion 200 million yuan, and 12.5% of the year-on-year growth was in the leading position in all types of consumer goods.


    At the same time, the younger generation of consumers is occupying the dominant position of the market, which also catalyzes the transformation of the industry to intellectualization. Their consumption demands are not limited to the product itself, more attention is paid to the consumer experience and individualization of the new trend, and the group or brand, represented by L'OREAL, is actively developing the young market, combining digitalization and intelligence to better build databases and provide quality services. Let consumers' purchase experience become efficient, intuitive and interesting.

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