RF power of ice to the skin constant cooling, heat waves deep as the core technology to achieve "surface cooling, deep pyrogenic" and "Ice electricity" effect. Ice during the first electric Bora wrinkle skin cooling system through intelligent skin so that the skin temperature is maintained at 1 °C, ensuring comfort skin from damage and ice RF waves to generate heat conduction of use, accurate direct skin deep, stimulating the body's ion , charged colloidal particles to produce fast-moving or vibration, friction heat, while ice RF power at a very molecular resonance effect, the heat dermal collagen complete wrinkle process.



1 ) To get rid of all kinds of fine lines directly and taut the skin. Effectively eliminate the lines of forehead , cheeks, facial , and other parts of face which makes skin smoother .

2 ) To tighten and improve sagging skin. Like pulling drooping eyelids , sagging chin , to make your eyes become large and brighter so that the facial lines looks more dimentional.

3 ) To repair stretch marks, anti-aging thoroghly . Improve the skin 's metabolism , tighten the back of modification, Munakata adjustment, waist circumference shaping and improving the face , buttocks and leg shape .

4 ) To improve skin wrinkles : to get rid of all kinds of fine lines like forehead , cheeks, facial features , jaw lines and other parts directly .

5 ) To tighten and improve skin : Like pulling drooping eyelids , sagging chin.

6 ) Improving cake face , baby fat : face firming , eliminating liposuction , but obviously younger.

7 ) Correction turkey neck and double chin : the use of Mesotherapy knife can be removed easily restore slender neck.

8 ) Remove the butterfly sleeves, cellulite : Mesotherapy for cellulite treatment butterfly sleeves and excellent results can be effectively modified arm curve.

9 ) Change bucket waist : to remove stretch marks and improve the slack side of the flesh.




















Operating voltage:

AC220V, 50HZ/AC110V, 60HZ

RF frequency :


RF type:

Bipolar RF


40-60 °C


8.4 inch touching display



RF tips :

3 different sizeS for different area treatments

RF energy :


Cooling temperature:




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