Contains active peptide factor and complex ceramide, lasting moisturizing £¬repair damaged skin, while shrink pores,check melanin. Firming enhance the skin, so that the skin moist, and shiny, to create a soft skin, make the appearance  more beautiful and lubrication.

1¡¢Products for repair of the skin after the picosecond laser, Q-switched laser,HIFU, fractional laser and other types of optical beauty equipment .

2¡¢Skin need to improve, such as prone to discomfort, after sun skin.

3¡¢The skin need to restore , such as by daylight,  skin faint caused by abuse of cosmetics and environmental pollution  , discomfort of the skin.

4.The skin need to protect£¬ the skin which dry, aging skin, dilute the fine lines, skin loose need to moisturizing.




Complex Repair Mask

ingredient£ºwater¡¢Oligopeptide-1¡¢Oligopeptide-2¡¢Oligopeptide-3¡¢glycerin¡¢Propylene glycol¡¢Butanediol¡¢β-Dextran¡¢Allantoin¡¢Hyaluronic acid,¡¢xanthan gum¡¢ seaweed extract¡¢Curacao aloe leaf extract¡¢P-hydroxyacetophenone¡¢1,2-Hexanediol

Instructions£ºWith beauty equipment, apply repair mask

net weight£º30g*5

Implementation of standards£ºQB\T2872



Repair of oligopeptides by complex

ingredient£ºwater¡¢Mannitol sugar¡¢Oligopeptide-1¡¢Disodium phosphate

Instructions£ºIt is recommended to use a special introducer or apply it directly to the skin, massage to absorb.

net weight£ºFreeze-dried powder60mg*1£¬Solvent£º8ml&*1

Implementation of standards£ºQB\T2660



Repair of ice crystals with complex

ingredient£ºwater¡¢glycerin¡¢Polyethanol-400¡¢Mannitol sugar¡¢Carbomer¡¢Oligopeptide-1¡¢Oligopeptide-2¡¢Oligopeptide-3¡¢Sodium hyaluronate¡¢Heparin sodium¡¢Propylene glycol¡¢P-hydroxyacetophenone¡¢1,2-Hexanediol

Instructions£ºIt is recommended to apply it directly to the skin, massage to absorb.

net weight£º10g*2

Implementation of standards£ºQB\T2660



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